About Sentini GeoSol

The Sentini GeoSol team is comprised of technology and engineering professionals, as well as, sales, marketing, financial, legal and niche-consulting experts. We provide consulting services that offer a consolidated view into your critical business methods and then implement technology solutions that streamline your core business processes.

We work with you one-on-one to define your business objectives, document business processes, and identify the technology to support your business goals. Our implementation team will then configure and deploy the technology that best suits your business. In this process we often suggest improvements to your existing infrastructure and your existing infrastructure management models - all with the goal of maximizing the uptime of your business services and ensuring optimal business services delivery to your customers.

Finally, we customize our training program to seamlessly integrate with your business processes and work in conjunction with your employees to ensure the most complete knowledge download. We then provide 24/7 support and maintenance in line with your business needs.